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Tokyo Revengers merchandise continues to be criticized for the Buddhist symbol

Since the premiere of its anime adaptation, the Tokyo Revengers franchise has greatly increased its popularity in the West. However, the full title of this work is Tokyo Manji Revengers (東京 卍 リ ベ ン ジ ャ ー ズ), which includes a sauastika in the title (卍). This symbol is completely different from the swastika (卐), which was unfortunately stigmatized in the West as a symbol of Nazism.

The latter is the reason why those who have not known the franchise from its inception are dumbfounded when they see the sauastika on the official merchandise of the franchise. Fans consider that the distribution platforms took it upon themselves to ” spread ignorance ” by issuing the censored version of the adaptation, which concealed all appearance of the symbol. Recently a post on Twitter promoted some of the franchise’s products and the means to acquire them, but the response was generally littered with comments about the symbol in question.

” Shit that the symbol is stigmatized here .”
” This is so disrespectful to everyone who died in WWII .”
” I know that the sauastika is a Buddhist symbol, but I am also very sure that I will be arrested if I see these garments here in Germany .”
“ You can be elitist and say ‘it’s the Buddhist culture’ and yes that’s great, but there are a LOT of people who won’t give someone who takes them a chance to explain themselves. It is not known to be a Buddhist sign. But it is impossible not to compare them .
” It is so disappointing that these products will never make it to the West, and if they do they will be censored .”
” It’s just an invested swastika so you can’t say shit, to make the fact that you like the symbol harmless .. Because of the damn war people will give a shit about your explanation. It doesn’t matter if it looks slightly different or existed before the war, history changed it .
” I still do not understand the creator, what the hell was thinking when he created the name of the gang? Didn’t he want his work to reach the West? ».

Tokyo Revengers Synopsis

While watching the news, Takemichi Hanagaki learns that his high school girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, has died. The only girl who ever noticed him was killed by a group of criminals known as the Tokyo Manji Gang. Takemichi lives in an old apartment with thin walls, and at work, his boss six years his junior treats him like trash. To top it off, he is a complete virgin… At the height of the misery of his life, he suddenly goes back in time twelve years to his high school days. To save Hinata and change the course of time, once useless part-time worker Takemichi must seek to become the leader of Tokyo’s darkest criminal gang!

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