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Top News Today 14 September 2021

1. Jon Gruden: ‘I felt like I died and woke up, and died again’ in Raiders’ wild win over Ravens

The Las Vegas Raiders thought they’d won. A touchdown was called, both benches emptied onto the field and fans started to exit. But a replay review showed that Bryan Edwards’ outstretched arm was just short of the goal line when his knee touched the ground.

Then things really got wild Monday night.


2. AOC and Carolyn Maloney use Met Gala to send a political message

The back of Ocasio-Cortez displayed the slogan “tax the rich” on the back of her white dress by Brother Vellies. Fellow Democratic New York lawmaker Carolyn Maloney wore a gown displaying the purple, white and gold colors of the suffrage movement, with sashes stating “equal rights for women.”

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3. Here’s Why Links for Apple Shortcuts Broke in March

On March 23, every link to a public Shortcut—Apple’s surprisingly capable automation tool—suddenly broke. It took Apple two days to resolve the issue, but the company offered Shortcuts users precious little information about what caused the problem. Now we know: Detectify Co-Founder Frans Rosén accidentally deleted the Shortcuts.


4. MyRepublic reports data breach to customers

MyRepublic, a telecommunications provider in Asia-Pacific with operations across Singapore, New Zealand and Australia, announced it discovered an unauthorized data access incident on August 29, 2021, and has moved to support its customers in mitigating any possible risk.

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5. Scientists are Trying to Recreate Giant Woolly Mammoths Who Lived During Ice Age

Colossal, a genetics and bioscience company, is all set to recreate mammoths and return them to their freezing home turf – the Arctic. The company has provided funding of $15 million (roughly Rs.110 crore) to turn the research into reality.


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