Tricks that help you choose the perfect jeans

The first blue jeans were sewn in 1853 by Levi Strauss as work clothes for farmers. Today, there is possibly no person who does not have at least one pair of jeans. However, this wardrobe item has its secrets even a jeans can turn a beautiful and stylish girl into a “weirdo”if not worn right. Here everything makes sense: the draft, the composition of the fabric, the pockets and even the seams.

We love jeans, which is why we investigated in great detail what aspects influence the look.

1. Material density

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Some girls choose jeans for the fall-winter period from a dense fabric, and for the summer they usually buy a thinner denim. Often a thin fabric wears out faster and looks sloppy. Also, skinny jeans don’t shape the figure and highlight flaws. On the contrary, a dense denim trousers perfectly corrects the figure.

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In the composition of a good denim pants there must be cotton and a little elastane. This helps the fabric not stretch, and ensures you are comfortable when wearing it. Denim pants with a large amount of elastane are more like leggings. On the other hand, jeggings look cheap and are capable of ruining even the most perfect figure.

2. Sewing the yoke

10 Trucos que sin ningún problema te ayudarán a elegir unos jeans perfectos

The yoke seam is a visible detail above the back pockets. It has been created to round the figure from behind and form beautiful lines. To visually lift your butt, choose jeans with a deep angle at the yoke seam. The more obtuse the angle of the yoke seam, the flatter your butt will appear.

3. Front pockets

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Deep front pockets will add extra volume to your hips. But small ones, located above the hips, will make you look slimmer. The width of the pocket is just as important. Pockets that are too wide will visually increase the area of the body where they are. By the way, many models do not have front pockets and therefore do not have the problem of increasing the figure.

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4. Back pockets

10 Trucos que sin ningún problema te ayudarán a elegir unos jeans perfectos

These have a lot to do with how your buttocks will look in jeans. Long, straight pockets will make your buttocks flat. The farther apart the pockets are, the wider your butt will look. This can be found frequently, so it is worth being very careful when choosing jeans.

To make the buttocks look visually compact, it is better to choose pants with medium pockets located a little below the hip line. To create a push-up effect, choose jeans with small pockets set high. In addition, the greater the slope of the pockets, the more rounded the buttocks will be.

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5. Low rise jeans

10 Trucos que sin ningún problema te ayudarán a elegir unos jeans perfectos

Jeans with a low rise visually shorten the legs, and a high rise lengthens them. However, there are people who look great in low-rise jeans. For example, those who have a disproportionately short torso (the legs in comparison with the torso look too long). However, a very high waist breaks the harmony of the silhouette and you can become an Obelix like the one in the cartoon. Simply put, first of all, the choice of shot depends on the parameters of the figure. Plus, a high-waisted jean won’t save you if you wear a shirt or a loose-fitting blouse.

And you, with what parameters do you choose a denim pants?

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