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Trump Informs that the Deaths from Coronavirus Could Exceed 150 Thousand in the United States

What Happened?

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, said on Monday that the deaths from the new coronavirus pandemic could reach or even exceed the figure of 150,000 deaths in that country, although he clarified that without the measures adopted, that number could be much higher.

“Probably (the current figure) is 115 (thousand) but they could go up a little more than that, it could reach 150 (thousand), it could go beyond that, but we would have lost between 2 million and 4 million lives (without measures to control the disease), “Trump said during an interview at the White House with the Spectrum News network.
“We have done a good job”

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The president made reference to the Imperial College London model, which announced in mid-March a possible death toll of 2.2 million in the United States in the event that no measures to contain the outbreak were taken.

The Johns Hopkins University in the US, which systematically tracks the number of cases and deaths from the pandemic, reported 120,000 deaths. “We have done a good job and now we are taking the country back,” added Trump.

When asked about organizing new campaign rallies to Covid-19 outbreaks in several states in the south and west of the country, Trump said that health security was considered. “We are always concerned about security. We want to get rid of this thing,” Trump said.

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On Tuesday, the Republican millionaire will travel to Phoenix for a meeting with young people, in a meeting that is not officially classified as a campaign rally.

Covid-19 Hits the US Hard

The death toll in the United States, which recorded its first death linked to the virus in early February, stands at 120,106. The country registered 2,292,867 infections. The authorities consider that 622,133 people were healed.

After the United States, the most affected countries are Brazil with 50,617 deaths and 1,085,038 cases, the United Kingdom with 42,647 deaths (305,289 cases), Italy with 34,657 deaths (238,720 cases), and France with 29,663 deaths (197,251 cases).

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