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Trump will suspend the granting of “Green Cards”

Trump will suspend the granting of ‘green cards’ for 60 days to “protect the American worker”

The President of the United States clarifies that his threat to “suspend immigration” only temporarily affects applications for permanent residence

“Suspending immigration to the United States,” as President Donald Trump announced Monday night, involves halting the grant of permanent residence permits, or green cards for two months. The clarification came from Trump himself at the press conference this Tuesday at the White House, after hours in which politicians, companies and immigrants tried to understand the scope of a threat of that caliber launched on Twitter. Trump justified the decision to “protect the American worker” in an imminent return to activity paralyzed by the covid-19 health emergency.

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Only two details emerged from the president’s press conference on an issue that affects hundreds of thousands of people. The suspension of the granting of permanent permits will last 60 days, extendable depending on the circumstances, which will be evaluated by Trump himself. He was also open to making that period shorter. It only affects those permits, not the hundreds of thousands of non-immigrant visas or temporary work permits issued to farmworkers or medical professionals.

“We are going to open America,” announced the president, whose greatest concern at the moment seems to be the setback in economic activity due to measures to contain the spread of the virus, which has already killed more than 44,000 Americans. In that context, he said he wanted to “put Americans first in line” to regain employment in an eventual economic recovery. He also mentioned that he wanted to “reserve crucial resources for Americans.”

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“We had the best economy in the world and we had to shut it down,” Trump said. “I want our citizens to have jobs and to have no competition. This is a very unusual situation. No one has seen anything like this in many, many decades. I don’t want them to compete.

Trump expressly said that the measure “does not affect farmers,” implicitly acknowledging that farmworkers are essential to put food in supermarkets. The workers in this field are mostly undocumented immigrants.

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