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TSM ImperialHal pulls off genius Apex Legends clutch in ALGS final match

TSM’s Apex Legends star Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen clutched up with an absolutely genius play to secure a win for his team in the final ALGS game of Round 3, leaving fans and fellow players stunned.

With each Apex Legends character having their own unique abilities, there is ample opportunity to rustle up some genius outplays and tactics in-game. Pair up Caustic and Horizon, for example, and you can concoct a devastating gas trap that is impossible to escape.

Even at the casual level, there are some ridiculous combos of legends, but take a step up to the professional level and there are countless genius outplays in each tournament.

Most of these center around Wraith, with players using her portal to ‘kidnap’ unsuspecting enemies and hand them over to their waiting teammates who rack up the kill. However, her portal can be used in different, as ImperialHal showed in one of the best clutch ups the ALGS has seen.

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The ALGS is where the best of the best in Apex throw down.

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Hal’s bit of genius came during the third week of North American ALGS pro league play, where his TSM squad had struggled to put some meaningful points on the board – finishing outside the top 10 in their first two games. Though, they rallied late.

After finishing fourth in the penultimate game of the day, the TSM squad was in a position to pick up a win in the final game, but Hal was alone against two different squads. He hid for a few moments before taking to the high ground and watched as the two enemy squads got tangled up in a fight

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Instead of getting kill hungry, Hal let them fight it out before mowing down a Valkyrie who had gone hunting for him in the aftermath. From there, the circle closed on him, but he used Wraith’s ultimate to sneak into the zone and avoid damage. As the timer on his ability expired, the final enemy fell, giving him and his squad the win.

Hal’s moment of brilliance quickly impressed the event casters, viewers, and his fellow players, with some questioning just how he’d been able to keep his nerve at such a tense moment.

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As the ALGS continues, we’ll no doubt see some more brilliant plays, but Hal really threw it back to the early days of Apex with this one.

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