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TSM owner explains why Bjergsen didn’t re-sign ahead of LCS return

TSM owner Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh has explained why Soren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjerg opted to not re-sign with TSM as he returns to pro play for the LCS 2022 season.

Danish League of Legends star Bjergsen is returning to pro play for the 2022 LCS split, following a one-year coaching stint with TSM. However, as a surprise to many, Bjergsen won’t be returning to playing under the TSM banner, despite being a part of the organization for seven years.

Speculation as to why Bjergsen didn’t re-sign to the North American organization has spread since the announcement, with multiple different rumors doing the rounds.

However, TSM owner Reginald has clarified why Bjergsen is not sticking with TSM despite being such an iconic part of their League history.

Bjergsen winning LCS MVP title 2017
Riot Games

Bjergsen was an iconic member of TSM’s LCS squad.

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In a Reddit AMA on October 29, Regi answered questions from concerned fans – which, of course, all mainly were regarding the departure of the face of TSM League of Legends for over seven years. A question from one fan asked for the specifics of why Bjerg decided not to re-sign and questioned TSM supposedly offering a competitive salary for the star player.

According to Reginald, the mid laner had a clear idea of the players he wanted to play with next split and was specifically interested in one player whose team wasn’t willing to sell them. Even with a seven-figure offer on the table.

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“Throughout the process, Søren had a clear idea of which players he wanted to play with. He specifically was interested in playing with one player. We reached out to that team but were told that buying the player was not an option. We were willing to pay a seven-figure buyout,” said the TSM owner.

He continued: “During that time, we came to the realization that we were not his first choice because the players that he was excited about were not available and had no buyout price.”

The specific player who Bjergsen wished to play with wasn’t named in the response. However, many TSM fans suspect the player might be Team Liquid’s support CoreJJ, which could back up the claims of Bjergsen heading to Team Liquid.

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With the LoL 2021 off-season officially kicking off on November 15, we should expect to hear more about which team Bjergsen will be playing under for the LCS 2022 split.

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