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Twitch streamer banned because of his little daughter

The measure has been considered very strict

Once again, Twitch is catching the eye of many and it’s not exactly for good reason. What happens is that now the news began to circulate that a streamer was banned because of his daughter.

Recently, Tayhuhu, a professional VALORANT player who is starting her career as a streamer, was in the heat of the broadcast. At one point she got up from her chair to go for groceries that she ordered at home.

So far so good. The problem started when in her absence her little daughter appeared on the stream and began to interact with the chat. This was what caused the punishment, since the rules of the platform indicate that streamers have to be over 13 years old to be on the platform.

However, the measure against Tayhuhu has been controversial and seen as strict. We say so since the account belongs to and is in the name of an adult, and her daughter only appeared on the stream by accident. As if that were not enough, different streamers have made transmissions on the platform without any repercussions.

What will Tayhu do after her Twitch ban?

How severe the punishment imposed on Tayhuhu is currently unknown. However, the streamer is already turning to other horizons.

What happens is that she started broadcasting on Facebook Gaming and it seems that she has no intention of returning to the Amazon platform. We hope that you are successful in your streamer adventure and that Facebook does not punish you for a minor and completely accidental situation.


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