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Twitter artists celebrated Good Abdomen Day

On November 7, Japan unofficially celebrates the “Good Abdomen Day (Ii Onaka no Hi)“. This celebration is said to have been established by the dairy company Tanakashi Dairy, based on the arrangement of the date in question “07/11“. The 11 becomes “Ii (い い)“, what does it mean “Well“, The 0 becomes the”O (お)“And 7, which is written”Nana (な な)“They just take the first syllable and add the”Ka (か)“, Forming”Onaka (お な か)“, what does it mean “Abdomen“.

Originally the purpose of this day was for people to show off their abdomens and their good health achieved through yogurt “Takashi Yogurt / Tummy GG!“However, the dissemination of anime culture has now led to the artists who share a variety of sensual illustrations with this theme, mostly accompanied by the hashtag # い い お 腹 の 日.

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