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Twitter artists celebrated Good Thigh Day

Continuing with the dates unofficially set by the Japanese Internet community, November 20 is celebrated on “Good Thighs Day (Ii Futomomo no Hi)“. On this date, fans are not only focused on posting illustrations on thighs, but they are looking for or making those where these are quite prominent.

The thighs are one of the most popular female body parts among anime fans, just behind the breasts and butt, and perhaps in front of the feet. However, the thighs are also the protagonists of the Zettai Ryouiki (絶 対 領域), known as the “Absolute Zone“, And which refers to the area of ​​bare skin that functions as a gap between long stockings and miniskirts or shorts.

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The “Absolute Zone“It is considered an erotic zone by the community of anime fans, and it emerged as a concept in the comment forums back in the 2000s. The”Absolute Zone”Is classified not according to the length of the skirt, but the height of the sock, so the less area is exposed, the better qualified it will be. Anyway, fans shared a variety of illustrations to celebrate this day, mostly accompanied by the hashtag # い い 太 も も の 日.

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