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Twitter artists celebrated Knee High Stocking Day

Continuing with this month’s celebrations set by Japanese netizens, November 28 is celebrated as the “High Socks Day (Ii Niihai no Hi) ”, Where artists and the community celebrate the so-called“Knee High (ニ ー ハ イ)“, Which are high socks that are above the knees. Since approximately 2013, this day has been celebrated annually by the community.

In Japan, there are many unofficial but widely known anniversary days designated by companies, organizations, industry groups or individuals for their promotion / awareness campaigns, and many of them are enacted by a simple pun on the numbers of the dates, which is due to the characteristic of the Japanese language that kanji characters that include numbers often have multiple pronunciations. In addition, the anniversary days with puns are usually designated in November because “eleven”Can be read as“i (1) i (1)“, what does it mean “well“,”nice“Or”happy“.

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Similarly, November 28 is designated as “High Socks Day“, Since the numbers can be read as” 1[I] +1[I] + 2[Nī] + 8[Ha(i)]”, Which is the meaning of”Good Tall Socks“. Meanwhile, the emergence of this anniversary day did not come until the late 2000s because it inherited a famous concept “Zettai ryouiki“, Or a fetish for the area of ​​bare skin in the gap between above-knee stockings and a miniskirt, which became established in otaku culture in the first half of the 2000s. Finally, a great variety of illustrations can be found through the hashtag # い い ニ ー ハ イ の 日.

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