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Twitter artists celebrated Pocky Day

On November 11, Japan celebrates the Pocky’s Day (ポ ッ キ ー の 日), centered on the popular Japanese treat “Pocky“, Which are long, thin cookies covered with chocolate distributed by the company Ezaki Glico Company, although over time the flavors of the toppings have expanded to various options. The celebration simply responds to the Japanese writing of the date (11/11), where all the ones represent a Pocky.

Hundreds of artists published special illustrations to recognize this official date, mostly accompanied by the hashtag # ポ ッ キ ー の 日. It should be remembered that this celebration even broke a Guinness Record on November 11, 2012 after a massive campaign that made it break the record of “highest number of mentions of a brand on Twitter in 24 hours“, with “Pocky”Being mentioned 1,843,733 times in the day. The record was broken again on November 11, 2013, accumulating 3,710,044 mentions.

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