Twitter founder welcomes Bitcoin’s B as his official emoji

Twitter founder welcomes Bitcoin's B as his official emoji

Bitcoin has become such an important virtual currency that it already has its own emoji on Twitter, and although it was not the first, as Apple was the first to add it to its catalog, Google still needs to make it universal.

It is well known that Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, is a fan of cryptocurrencies, so it is not surprising that the news has come from his personal account to welcome the new emoji of Bitcoin, a peculiar B.

Apparently, Jack Dorsey’s great interest in Bitcoin has extended to the blue bird social network, as it has been made known through a brief but forceful tweet, where he also labeled Unicode, the coding standard of characters for various platforms:

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When a person writes the word Bitcoin or #Bitcoin in their tweets, the peculiar B appears in a yellow / orange color, which is now part of the catalog of emojis that Twitter offers to users.

Opinions on Twitter did not wait, as great people showed interest in the great event that it represents for cryptocurrencies, especially for its founder, Binancie.

The invitation to everyone to make the emoji a trend gave a somewhat controversial effect.

For while some celebrated the arrival of the Bitcoin emoji, like Justin Sun, others began to make fun of cryptocurrencies.

“#Bitcoin gets an emoji on Twitter, maximalists instantly use it to poke fun at other currencies. A demonstration of where your energies are going. Meanwhile, others are building incredible things in crypto. ”

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Dorsey’s tweet would be more of an invitation for the folks at Unicode text encoding to include the Bitcoin symbol on other platforms that use this code. For now, not all devices can read the emoji of the B in tweets, but they will have to go to the browser to appreciate it.


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