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Twitter Suspended Trump’s Son For Sharing Misinformation

The suspension will last 12 hours.

The son of U.S. President Donald Trump Jr. was temporarily suspended from Twitter after sharing misinformation. The account will now be suspended for 12 hours, which prevents Donald Trump’s son from posting, ‘likes’ or sharing ‘tweets.

“Video tweets violate Covid-19’s disinformation policy. We are acting on the basis of our policy, ”read the Twitter statement. In the publication shared by Trump Jr., it was possible to see alleged doctors talking about hydroxychloroquine and mentioning that it was not necessary to wear masks. According to Vice, the same video had been shared by the far-right website Breibart.

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According to the American newspaper, Trump kept the excerpts of the video on Twitter for half an hour and shared 14 ‘tweets’ in which he defended the use of hydroxychloroquine, an antimalarial drug that the President has already promoted on several occasions, but that several scientific studies have shown be ineffective in the treatment of covid-19.

Twitter is Donald Trump’s main communication platform, but in recent weeks, the network has sanctioned several of his ‘tweets’.

On June 23, Twitter announced that one of the American President’s tweets would no longer be visible for violating the rules of the network and constituting “inappropriate behavior”.

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A few weeks earlier, the platform had marked Donald Tump’s proposals on postal voting as “misleading” and, on another occasion, censored another Donald Trump tweet about violence during anti-racist demonstrations by the death of a man at the hands of the police.

In a message in which he apologized “apologize for the violence”, the President of the United States stated that whoever took advantage of the demonstrations to make looting would be “immediately” shot.

More recently, Twitter deactivated a campaign video shared by the President after a formal notification from the band Linkin Park, which contested the unauthorized use of one of their songs.


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