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‘Tyler Rake’: Joe Russo wants to shoot the sequel next year

Russo is writing the script for the sequel to the hit Netflix production starring Chris Hemsworth.

At the beginning of the year, Chris Hemsworth and Joe Russo joined forces again after their jobs at Marvel to make confinement with Tyler Rake more bearable, a Netflix action movie that soon became the most watched on the platform. This adrenaline-fueled thriller signed by Sam Hargrave can boast of having one of the best sequence shots of the year (probably the best).

After the overwhelming success of the blockbuster on the VOD service, Joe Russo, writer and co-producer with his brother Anthony Russo, was quick to confirm the sequel. “We have closed the deal for me to write Tyler Rake 2, we are already in the preliminary phase deciding how the story will be,” said the filmmaker in May.

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Now, the Russos have referred to the sequel again in an interview for Comic Book, and have assured that, if all goes according to plan, Hemsworth and the team will meet again in 2021 for the filming of Tyler Rake 2. They are writing the script for the film and the next step will be the principal photography.

“We are in the writing phase right now, but we hope to shoot sometime next year,” said Joe: “I’m very excited, Hemsworth is very excited, Netflix is ​​very excited, so we just have to finish the script.”

At the moment, little is known about the plot of this second installment of Tylor Rake, although the Russos are very interested in orchestrating a meeting of ‘Chrises’ in the field of this new blockbuster. Given the friendship forged with the cast of the Marvel universe films, they wish they had Chris Evans in the sequel playing an ally of Tyler Rake: that would mean seeing Thor and Captain America together in action again. Can you think of a better possible reunion?

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