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UK establishes corona virus alert system

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, presented Sunday a new warning system to monitor the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic in the country, with different levels that will inform how and where they could soften confinement.

Johnson will expose the plan in a televised message at 7:00 p.m. local time, as part of a broader strategy for the progressive de-escalation of measures imposed on March 23 to contain covid-19.

For weeks, the British authorities have repeatedly repeated the message “stay home” , but now it will change to “stay alert” and “control the virus”.

The alert system, similar to the one that exists for the terrorist threat, will aim to inform the population and political decision-makers of the situation of the pandemic.

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It will be supervised from a newly created “biosafety center” and will have five levels, the Minister of Local Government and Housing, Robert Jenrick, explained to Sky News on Sunday.

“Right now we believe that the country is at four on a scale of five, with five being the most worrying,” he said. “Our aspiration is to go down as fast as we can to three,” he added.

The levels must also have a color scale from red to green.

At each stage, “we will be in a position to open and reactivate more aspects of the economy and our lives,” said Jenrick.

Johnson warned this week that he will proceed with “utmost caution” in easing confinement as mortality remains high: with more than 31,500 deaths, the UK is the hardest-hit country in Europe and the second in the world after the United States.

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Jenrick insisted that any measure to resume economic activity will be taken with “great care and caution”, monitoring the effect of each on the infection rate.

The alert system will only initially apply to England, but the government hopes to extend it to Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. These autonomous nations determine for themselves their plan of lack of control.

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