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UK Reluctant to Ease Confinement for Fear of Second Wave

According to the British press, the government would like to gradually resume normal life but is reluctant to make a decision immediately, preferring to wait for the number of contagions to drop.

UK, one of the countries affected in Europe by the pandemic of Covid -19, is reluctant to lift their confinement measures fearing that there might be another breakout or the second wave of infections in the country.

According to the press, politicians would like to begin to reopen some trade, but fear that the measure is hasty.

After a relatively chaotic start to combat the pandemic, with few restrictive measures that resulted in a multiplication of contagions, government sources at The Times say that the idea of ​​a ‘race’ to end quarantine measures would not be good.

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“The idea that we will be rushing to suspend measures is not true. If the transmission rate increases significantly, we will have to take strict measures to prevent the spread of the virus” a government source told the newspaper.

With several publications accusing the Boris Johnson government of having had a low protective stance at the beginning of the outbreak, the prime minister now intends to adopt a more conservative stance.

Temporarily removed from active political life as a result of contracting coronavirus, Boris Johnson will now be more inclined to wait for the numbers to drop further in the UK, trying to balance the economic consequences of the confinement with the possible consequences of a return to ‘normal’ life.

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