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Unsung Story to debut on Steam Early Access after years of development

Asumi Matsuno's project is a successor to Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story

Yasumi Matsuno, director of Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy Tactics , announced Unsung Story in early 2014 . The creative started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and make his new project a reality on consoles and PC.

The title powerfully caught the attention of gamers, as it was presented as a spiritual successor to other Matsuno works, including the 2 games already mentioned for the first PlayStation.

Years passed and the release of Unsung Story was delayed several times. Even gamers thought about a possible cancellation and failure of the project, this despite the fact that it raised more than $ 660,000 USD on Kickstarter.

This morning we learned that the title still stands and that it is close to taking an important step in its development. This as Matsuno confirmed that Unsung Story will finally be released on PC via Steam Early Access.


Matsuno explained that the launch on Steam Early Access will allow players to enjoy one chapter of the game at a time. This means that the story of Unsung Story will be released on an episodic basis. At the same time, this type of release will allow feedback from players to improve the title towards its full release.

The creative stated that the game will spend approximately a year and a half in early access. Players who give the title a chance at its premiere will be able to learn about Chapter 1 complete with 7 missions, the first 6 character classes, details of the story and all the basic mechanics.

Everyone who supported the Kickstarter campaign will have access to the game on Steam. Matsuno recommended that players check their emails for more details on their key to the title.

The game will receive more content regularly with the arrival of new episodes. At launch in Early Access, the Mercenary, Medic, Guardian, Elementalist, Archer, and Sage classes will be available.

On the other hand, it was revealed that the price of the game will gradually increase with the arrival of new content. However, fans who purchase the game since its release will receive all content for the price in Early Access, which has not been revealed for now.

The creative shared a new trailer to give us a more complete look at the current state of the game and its strategy mechanics. For now there is no date for its premiere on Steam, but Matsuno guarantees that it will debut soon.


As we mentioned, Unsung Story is considered a spiritual successor to Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy Tactics . The tactical title will take you to a world where magic is very important and will be vital in a warlike conflict known as the 77 Years’ War.

A group of unknown heroes will join forces to stop the forces of evil, who seek at all costs to have control over magic. The game design is done by Yasumi Matsuno, while Hitoshi Sakimoto is responsible for the music.

The title promises to bring back various elements of the games it is inspired by; However, Matsuno wants to go further, so he will also incorporate many new features to the game mechanics.

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