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US seizes $34 million in digital assets and arrests suspect for selling info on the darkweb

In exchange for crypto assets, the accused uploaded sensitive information to the deep web.

The United States Department of Justice (DoJ) has seized $34 million in digital assets from a Florida resident accused of selling stolen information online through the Deep Web.

The announcement of the seizure of the digital assets was made earlier this week and the DoJ stated that the funds came from a South Florida resident who allegedly sold information online such as financial details linked to specific web services such as Netflix, Uber, HBO and many others.

As reported, the man allegedly uploaded the information to different illegal darknet sites and markets on the deep web using the Tor browser, a privacy-enhancing browser, in exchange for crypto assets. In this way, the individual is accused of making more than 100,000 sales with the stolen information.

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Furthermore, the Justice Department press release , the defendant allegedly used “ tumblers ”, “ cryptocurrency mixers ” and “ chain jumps ” to hide his earnings.

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