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USA News Today | Top Headlines Sat, 06 Nov 2021 01:53:38

Read the top 10 USA news headlines and other major updates from USA to kick start your day. We bring you the top headlines so that you can stay on top of the most important news updates.

Top 10 USA News Headlines Today

1. California police respond to shopping mall amid reports of active shooter

There was a large police presence at a Northern California shopping mall Friday night amid reports of an active shooter.

2. Packers coach Matt LeFleur unlikely to watch Aaron Rodgers’ controversial interview

Green Bay Packers coach Matt LaFleur told reporters Friday he had no plans to watch Aaron Rodgers’ interview about defending his decision to forgo the coronavirus vaccine.

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3. Biden administration ‘took a chainsaw’ to energy industry, global security: Dagen McDowell

‘The Five’ panel reacted to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, who laughed off oil supply concerns during an interview with Bloomberg.

4. DC area police warn residents after multiple reports of possible ‘spiked drinks’

The Arlington County Police Department is issuing a warning to residents after receiving multiple reports of spiked drinks in the month of October.

5. Sandra Lee returns to a post-Andrew Cuomo New York for swanky gala

Celebrity chef Sandra Lee returned to New York for a ritzy gala a day before it was announced that her ex Andrew Cuomo’s arraignment has been delayed until Jan. 7.

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6. Trump slams Biden spending bills as ‘Green New Deal,’ warns Democrats will lose dozens of House seats in 2022

EXCLUSIVE: Former President Trump slammed President Biden’s spending agenda as the “Green New Deal bill,” warning that, if passed, the American people will face tax increases, and the Democratic Party will lose dozens of seats in the House of Representatives during the 2022 midterms.

7. Democrats know priorities of American people but are purposefully ignoring us: Campos-Duffy

Rachel Campos-Duffy slammed Democrats for “purposely ignoring” the voices of the American people on “Fox News Primetime.”

8. Tulsi Gabbard to Democrats: ‘Stop trying to divide us’

Tulsi Gabbard issued a message to members of the Democratic Party, telling them they must end the “open-border policy” and “respect” Americans.

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9. PETA calls for Dr. Fauci to resign: ‘Our position is clear’

The People for Ethical Treatment of Animals said that the National Institutes of Health leadership should resign, including Dr. Anthony Fauci.

10. Marília Mendonça, Brazilian singer and Latin Grammy winner, dead at 26 in plane crash

“Graveto” singer Marília Mendonça died in a plane crash Friday on her way to a concert.

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