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USA “Well Aware” of Growing Terrorist Threats in Mozambique

What Happened?

The United States is “well aware” of the growing level of terrorist attacks in northern Mozambique, which worries them, and is looking at ways in which it can combat violence in the Mozambican province of Cabo Delgado, an American diplomat said today.

The concern was expressed by Nathan Sales, itinerant ambassador and Coordinator of the US Department of State’s Counter-Terrorism Office, who was speaking at a conference call from Washington, in which the Lusa agency participated, about the situation in Mozambique.

What Was Said?

“In recent months, Mozambique is grappling with a growing wave of activities by member organizations inspired by the Islamic State (IS) ‘jihadist’ group in the north of the country, in Cabo Delgado. We are very concerned about the situation and we are following close to see how we can support “, he said.

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Sales stressed that the United States “has a counterterrorism capacity like no other country”.

“We don’t just send skydivers to kill the bad guys, get some money and go. What we do is long-term and sustainable investments and empower our local partners to ensure that they can do, in their country, what the United States does on its own Investigate and prosecute criminals, guarantee border security, crush those who finance them and use counterterrorism to prevent radicalization and recruitment, “he said.

We are well aware of the growing level of threats in Mozambique and we are looking for ways to support the country “, he concluded.

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The province of Cabo Delgado, where Africa’s largest private investment for natural gas exploration is advancing, has been under attack since October 2017 by insurgents, classified since the beginning of the year by Mozambican and international authorities as a terrorist threat.

In their incursions, in addition to destroying villages in the north of the province, armed groups have been attacking state institutions and, in some cases, forcing public officials and state agents to seek refuge elsewhere.

In two and a half years of conflict in that northern Mozambican province, it is estimated that at least 600 people have already died and that more than 200,000 have already been affected, being forced to seek refuge in safer places.

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