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VALORANT Reveals Next Agent Yoru In Thrilling Trailer

Episode 2 of the tactical shooter already has a start date

VALORANT will start a new stage in a matter of days with the start of its Episode 2. As many players expected, Riot Games prepared a surprise for the occasion. This is a new agent that will officially arrive very soon.

We refer to Yoru, a character who was revealed with an attractive trailer. The studio shared a bit of information about the agent’s origin and abilities. In addition, the date for the start of Episode 2 of the tactical shooter was finally confirmed.

Yoru to join VALORANT with the start of Episode 2

Yoru is a Japanese-born duelist and will become VALORANT’s 14th agent. According to the details, Yoru has the power to open cracks in reality to infiltrate enemies.

The agent’s powers will help him remain unnoticed on the battlefield. With Fakeout, Yoru can create an echo that mimics footsteps and thus fool opponents. It will be possible to send said sound effect forward to emulate the advancement of a supposed character.


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