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Venezuelan crypto miners were disconnected from their electricity sources

The miners are expected to be able to resume operations this weekend.

A group of Venezuelan crypto miners were disconnected from the electricity grid by regional authorities in the state of Carabobo last week. According to the National Cryptocurrency Superintendency (Sunacrip), miners are expected to resume operations this weekend.

Sunacrip reported that it met with the affected miners on Wednesday and assured them that it will make the necessary adjustments with the regional authorities so that they can operate and avoid further service interruptions.
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At the meeting the cause of this measure was discussed to find a possible solution to the problem. Asonacrip, the National Association of Cryptocurrencies, reported that Joselit Ramírez, the National Superintendent of Cryptoactives of Venezuela was present at the meeting and promised a reconnection of the farms for this Friday or Saturday.

Asonacrip also affirmed that the disconnected miners were operating in “industrial estates suitable for the activity without harming energy consumption, and also, with their income, they contribute to the recovery of the national electricity system.”

As it emerged, the real reason for the suspension of power to cryptocurrency miners was not mentioned at the meeting. But although several sources affirmed that the miners were disconnected from the electricity grid due to an electrical contingency of the State, there have still been no official statements that explain the reason for these actions.
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On the other hand, it is estimated that a large part of the hasrate that operates in the country does so without a license from Sunacrip. However, all the miners that were affected by this measure were operating legally, according to Asonacrip.

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