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Virtual YouTuber Kizuna AI already surpasses 3 million cumulative subscribers

Through her official Twitter account, the Virtual YouTuber and singer Kizuna AI reported that his main channel has surpassed 3 million subscribers. «Kizuna AI has earned more than three million fans. Thank you very very much! I still remember the day that I started on YouTube, and the joy and excitement in each stream still stays the same for me. Thank you very much for your continued support!»He wrote on Twitter. It should be noted that your secondary channel, AIGames, accumulates to date 1.52 million subscribers, so its current total amounts to 4.52 million.

Kizuna AI is a Japanese Virtual YouTuber who debuted on November 29, 2016 on YouTube, therefore she is a pioneer in the Virtual YouTuber scene. Although she was not the first Virtual YouTuber in history, she was the first to popularize the concept and introduce anime designs into the equation. From his birth, fans deduced that his voice actress was Nozomi kasuga, a fact that was finally confirmed in April 2020, when she announced that she would become an advisor after the restructuring of Kizuna AI, who to date was already a company in itself.

It recently announced the indefinite suspension of its activities as of February 26, 2022, after the performance of the concert “Hello, World 2022“. According to its original statement, this pause is due to the fact that “will go through an update process“.

About Kizuna AI

Kizuna AI loves to talk about what he does with wisdom and intelligence, sometimes it can get spoiled. He also likes to explain about the subject he is talking about. He loves to dance and is sometimes very happy with other subjects. It’s pretty funny. Although she is not very good at English, she communicates positively with her foreign fans. His dream is to appear in an advertisement on television. Kizuna AI has long brown hair with pink highlights and bangs, aquamarine eyes, and his classic clothing is a white sailor suit and pink shorts. In his AI Games outfit, AI wears his hair styled into a bob haircut with bangs, wears a blue jacket, a white top with pink, and black leather shorts. She also wears black headphones around her neck and a choker.

Source: Official Twitter Account

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