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Voice actor agency HiBiKi denounces harassment towards its members

HiBiKi, a voice actor representation agency affiliated with the Japanese conglomerate Bushiroad Group, published a press release informing that there has been harassment towards voice actors and actresses affiliated with the agency, and reported that measures are being taken in this regard.

The statement wrote: «On annoying behavior towards our voice actors: We would like to thank you for supporting our affiliated voice actors. We have seen some annoying acts like slander against our voice actors, spreading of unsubstantiated false information, threatening acts, etc., and continuous posts that go beyond the moderation of these acts. We are currently working with the Bushiroad Legal Department to take the necessary steps, including requesting the social media operator in question to remove posts related to the nuisance.».

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Keep going: “We apologize for the concern this may cause to fans who have been exposed to this annoyance, but it will take some time for us to take action, including removing the messages. Thanks again for your continued support.». This is not the first time that the agency has reported this type of behavior on the part of its followers.

In September 2020, the legal representative of the agency offered an interview where he commented that since then harassment has been experienced towards the affiliated actors and voice actresses. It indicated that measures had already been taken since May of the same year, and that the attacks consisted of defamation and “group bullying”Towards members of the company who ended up increasing the emotional pressure of the voice actors and actresses. The countermeasures announced at that time ranged from a warning to users who made comments of this type to a civil complaint to the competent authorities.

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Regarding affiliate members, voice actresses are listed Izumi Kitta, Suzuko Mimori, Mikoi sasaki, Aimi, Ayasa Ito, Rimi nishimoto, Aina Aiba, Risa Tsumugi, Hikaru Tono, Amane Shindou, Yuka nishio, Wakana Minami, Ruka fukagawa, Yuduki watase, Hina aoki, Rin tateishi Y Chiharu; and voice actors Syuta Morishima, Seiji Maeda, Takumi Hand, Daisuke Hyuga Y Masahiro Ito.

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