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Voice actor agency Pro-Fit announces its final closure

In a press release, the representative agency Pro-Fit announced its final closure for the month of March 2022, due to multiple circumstances. The agency, which has been in operation since November 2003, counts among its ranks voice actresses of the stature of Ai fairouz, Akari Kitou and Aoi Yuuki, and voice actors like Shun horie, Kaito ishikawa and Haruki Ishiya.

«Thank you very much for supporting the voice actors associated with the Pro-Fit agency. “My name is Makoto Tanimura and I am the president of this company. Today, November 4, is the eighteenth anniversary of the founding of this company. We hope you will forgive us for making this announcement on such an important day. Pro-Fit announces today that it will close its production business at the end of March 2022, as it will no longer be able to provide its voice actors with the “responsible management” that is the foundation of a production company in the near future.».

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The statement continues: «Pro-Fit’s values ​​are “efficient production management and management”, “discovery and training of new talents”, “responsibility in training that does not easily accept talents from other companies” and “observation and development of talents attached to their rows ”. These values ​​are what make us professional, fit and profitable within the industry. This is the philosophy behind the name of the company. Thanks to your support, we have been able to carry out our production and management work to this day.».

He continues explaining the reasons for the closure: «However, it has become clear that the management division will be in a difficult situation to manage responsibly over the next few years and we cannot afford to take time away from future voice actors, even for a few years, for the convenience of the producer. We want to apologize to our voice actors, who have supported us unconditionally all these years. I would like you to understand that the decision we have made to close the company rests entirely with me, the representative, and not with the voice actors and staff who have always supported us.».

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He concludes: «From now on, we will support the relocation and independence of “affiliated voice actors” as needed beginning in January 2022, and we expect to complete the relocation and independence of 100% of the “affiliated voice actors” by the end March 2022. Information on transfers and independence will be posted on our site as new information becomes available.».

However, the statement also reports two positive situations: «The first is that Nobuhiko Okamoto, who has supported Pro-Fit for many years and has been with the company since the early days, has created a production company and has accepted all new voice actors who have difficulty moving around. Nobuhiko Okamoto will also accept trainees currently studying at the Pro Fit Voice Actors Training School, which has been training our company’s upcoming talents.».

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«Second, some of the field directors who have been supporting the current voice actors have decided to create a production company with some of their own voice actors to continue supporting them. In addition, this production company and Nobuhiko Okamoto’s new production company have established a “trade association” and both companies will support the future of their voice actors. Sound Wing sound production company, of which I am a director, has established a friendly relationship with both companies, and we look forward to helping out where we can.», He concludes.

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