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VTuber Linca Toujou, controversial among feminists, will continue to collaborate with the police

The Japanese portal Yahoo! News Japan shared an article pointing out that the collaboration contract between the Chiba Prefectural Police Department and the Virtual YouTuber Linca Toujou it is still in force, so both parties could soon collaborate again despite widespread complaints from feminist society in Japan.

«The Chiba Prefectural Police Department Traffic Division commented on October 29 regarding the removal of the dedicated bicycle traffic awareness video for children, featuring local Virtual YouTuber Linca Toujou. The statement noted that the contract with the Virtual YouTuber is still in force, so the possibility of collaborating again remains.».

«A representative of the Traffic Division responded to the interview: “The agreement regarding Toujou-san’s appointment was signed in July this year, and we consider that it is still valid. We want to keep an eye on the situation and ensure that our combined efforts translate into effective road safety“. The division stated that it would not republish the deleted video, but mentioned that it was possible that the version with a police uniform was used, which was shown at a press conference in Tokyo on October 28 by Setsuko Itakura, director of Art Stone Entertainment, which manages Virtual YouTuber».

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«In the case of the deleted video, the AFER (Alliance of Representatives of Feminism) protested to the Chiba Prefectural Police and other bodies because the video was “derogatory to women” and “sexual and inappropriate”, citing the fact that “you can see the navel”, “the breasts sway when moving” and “the skirt is too short”. That day, the person in charge reiterated that he did not consider Linca Toujou’s outfit to be sexually suggestive and that it was not inappropriate. Although he admitted that the protest of the AFER (Alliance of Representatives of Feminism) was the reason for the withdrawal of the video, he explained that he did not accept the opinion of the AFER as legitimate».

«At the press conference on October 28, Itakura affirmed that Linca Toujou was labeled as “sexually suggestive” due to the protest of the AFER (Alliance of Representatives of Feminism). “We do not intend to create our Virtual YouTubers as sex objects. We would like you to stop saying these things in a judgmental wayHe said, showing his anger».

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Source: Yahoo! News Japan

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