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What Tech Stocks Will Benefit From Windows 11?

Yesterday Windows 11 was officially launched and as the firm is accustomed to us, the download will be free for users of the previous edition. But the axis is not in the new operating system, but in what it will bring with it for old technology stocks like HP or Intel.

Microsoft officially launched the new Windows 11 on Tuesday and as expected it will be free for current users of the tenth edition. This will not mean income for the firm, but in the medium term it will mean profits for old technology stocks such as the computer manufacturer HP or chipmaker Intel , according to Martin Tillier on

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The history of Microsoft and its operating system repeats itself. Windows 7 users were able to upgrade their system to Windows 10 for free. The same will happen after the launch of Windows 11, all users of the previous one will be able to do the same and without paying a euro. After this comes the period of adoption and criticism by users , who will listen investing time and money without receiving any payment for the efforts rendered.

Then the business of all this will be for computer manufacturers such as HP or Dell who will offer new equipment according to the minimum requirements of the new Windows 11. This will mean a renewal of the equipment by consumers as their computers become obsolete and without having updates.

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For Tillier, of the two mentioned HP is the one that presents the best prospects for the new Windows 11.

HP is down more than 20% due to a known chip shortage, restricting sales. But with the release of Windows 11, the lawsuit will give the firm a boost.

HP is a great value that is based on anticipated growth , so any turn will receive an exaggerated response from the value. It has an upstream and downstream P / E of 8.6 and 7.3, respectively , and a PEG ratio , where any value below 1.0 represents a value, of 0.89. Although it seems expensive, this firm is cheap based on current standards.

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And if computer sales go up, so will its suppliers like Intel.

Intel has also been hit by shortages and disappointed in terms of growth. But it is the world’s largest chipmaker and will benefit from demand for new computers that meet the minimum requirements for Windows 11.

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