Whatsapp Already Allows Group Video Calls

The incorporation of this unexpected function aims to fight against apps such as Zoom or House Party, which have started to become popular in recent weeks.

Necessity sharpens wit, an old saying goes. A phrase that could be perfectly applied to WhatsApp in these times. The world is going through an exceptional situation and the restrictions imposed on socialization around the world have caused what would be unthinkable in a normal scenario: that applications with a wide range of features, such as Zoom or House Party, begin to eat their toast.

A situation to which WhatsApp, whose owner is Facebook, has been forced to react quickly incorporating changes that the company had not planned for this 2020. Some changes in which its latest addition stands out: allowing group calls in WhatsApp groups.

A measure focused on enhancing the fashion function in these times that allow making video calls with up to four participants who are in the same group chats.

To do this, WhatsApp has incorporated a button with a new one with a new icon that simplifies this task and allows you to directly add several participants to a chat.


This feature allows making calls from a group chat in which there is a maximum of four members, group voice calls or video calls by pressing the respective button at the top, next to the group name, as the company explains in a publication on his Twitter profile.

Group video calls have been available on WhatsApp for some time, but until now, two participants had to initiate that communication in order to later include the other two remaining members.

The new button that the company introduces in group chats simplifies the process. The limit, in any case, is still four people, so the new button will not appear in larger groups.


If you still can’t find this feature in your version of WhatsApp, try updating the application. In case it still does not work, you will have to resort to the traditional formula to make video calls on Whatsapp.

It is as simple as opening a conversation with one of your contacts and selecting the video camera icon.

Once the user has answered your call, you will have the option of adding new participants to the video conference. Up to a maximum of four.

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