WhatsApp and Netflix team up to integrate a useful function

WhatsApp is the messaging application with the most users in the entire planet, 2,000 million according to the latest cadastre of the company itself, and during the current world crisis due to the coronavirus, it can become a crucial tool to maintain contact.

Another platform that has millions of users and has become essential to overcome the closure is Netflix, which with its series and movies helps its users to distract themselves at times from the pandemic.

Fortunately for those who are users of both platforms, WhatsApp has added a new feature to its interface, just as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube did in the past.

Netflix can now be played on the messaging platform, allowing its users to enjoy the material from both applications at the same time.

WhatsApp normalized a very common function on other platforms since it allows audiovisual content on YouTube and Instagram to be played simply by sharing a link.

In any of the mentioned applications, if the user copies the link and shares it with his contacts, the recipient does not have to go to the source App and only has to press the video to view it.

Thanks to the latest Netflix update, in its functions, you can select the option to share content on WhatsApp.

It is important to consider that to whom we want to share the content, they must have a Netflix subscription, or else, they will only receive a link to join the streaming giant.
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After pressing the icon, the contacts of the WhatsApp account associated with the cell phone will appear (similar to YouTube).

Finally, you only have to choose the person or group with whom you want to share the Netflix link and that’s it. Through the link, you can play the content on WhatsApp and chat at the same time.
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