WhatsApp: What does the orange heart emoji mean?

Great care! The orange heart emoji has a strange meaning and can make the difference between the friendzone and friends with benefits

It is well known that WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging platform in the world, however, many users are unaware of the meaning of all the emojis available, even if they send them daily, but be very careful! You could be sending the wrong message with the orange heart .

Even if you are a fan of tangerines or oranges, the color can completely change the meaning of the conversation on WhatsApp, so it is best to know the strange interpretation that users have given it.

The section of hearts in WhatsApp is very varied, in designs and colors, but orange is a peculiar case, since unlike red, it is not an absolute love, but rather can be a symbol of concern, especially when used with other complementary emojis with neutral faces to say “don’t worry”, but deep down the head is spinning.

The orange heart should be sent with caution, especially in a loving context, since despite showing love, the color should not be sent to someone who pretends to be more than a friend. The emoji can be sent to tell people that they make you uncomfortable with their insistence, as a discreet synonym for wanting to be “relationship-free.”

However, there is also another unofficial meaning, which is closer to a sex symbol, due to its “spicy” color. Although it symbolizes love, it is about something incipient and carnal, a passionate relationship, without taboos or ties.

Orange Heart Emoji was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 and that same year it was added to Emoji 5.0.

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