WhatsApp: What does the air trail emoji mean?

An image of smoke or air on WhatsApp, have you used it as a synonym for gas?

It is increasingly common to use emojis to replace phrases in conversations on WhatsApp and other platforms, but on many occasions these are sent without knowing the real meaning, as in the case of the air trail, or “smoke” as many say, Have you used it?

The Dashing Away emoji or air mark shows a kind of dust cloud, like the classic mark that appears in cartoons when a character runs away or runs away extremely fast, leaving only a trail of smoke. As expected, this icon has the same application on Internet platforms, that is, to symbolize that someone is moving forward, moving away, or leaving something unnecessary.

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Its style may vary depending on the platform used but it usually maintains the cartoonish style, such as a small gray cloud with lines indicating movement running to the left, especially to emphasize that someone or something has faded.

In this sense, the emoji can symbolize gusts of wind or a cloud of smoke, to represent speed, smoking and other types of air. It can also be complemented with other icons such as the person running or the car, to reinforce the idea that it is very fast or is fleeing.

WhatsApp: What does the air trail emoji mean?

Some users use the emoji in WhatsApp to refer to gas or stomach aches, something very funny and explicit but that does not really come close to the correct meaning of the emoji of the trail of wind or smoke that leaves something when fading.

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Dashing Away or wind trail was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Dashboard Symbol” and was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.


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