WhatsApp: What does the astronaut emoji mean?

Surely you have used the WhatsApp astronaut emoji.Here we tell you its meaning!

Surely you have used the astronaut emoji of WhatsApp, here we tell you its meaning! The massification and popularity acquired by emoticons has generated a new way to communicate moods, feelings, reactions and even complete sentences.
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However, despite having the same Unicode encoding, its interpretation is subject to different cultural contexts depending on the environment of the person who uses them. This is the case with the astronaut emoji.

The arrival of emojis to the digital world has made it easier for users to express their feelings in conversations on WhatsApp and other platforms. They are generally divided into six categories including yellow faces, food, animals, weather conditions, numbers, and symbols.

Today we will talk about the WhatsApp astronaut emoji, which has two variations, both male and female. This represents a character who wears a spacesuit (in the Twitter version she does not have a helmet), her profession is dreamed of by an infinity of people, mostly when they were children. It would be amazing to know outer space, is what many users think.

Compared to the emoticons related to the professions, this is the one that, on rare occasions, can be seen in the messages published by the real representatives of the profession; since astronauts in social networks are not abundant. Despite that, users can use it in any context that has to do with space and other planets.

On the other hand, users can apply this emoji to represent dreams of flying into outer space. Who would not like to live that experience?

WhatsApp: What does the astronaut emoji mean?

It is important to mention that, despite having the same Unicode coding, each platform can vary the design of each emoji to adapt to its operating system or interface. On many occasions this generates a great difference in the interpretation of the same symbol.

It should be noted that the astronaut emoticon is a sequence of the man and rocket emoji. It results in a zero width combination between each character and they are displayed as a single emoji on supported platforms. It was eventually renamed “Man Astronaut” and was added to Emoji 4.0 in 2016.

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