WhatsApp: What does the beating heart emoji mean?

Are you deeply in love? This emoji can express the beating of your heart on WhatsApp

Have you ever felt those nervous butterflies in your stomach when sending a WhatsApp message to a loved one? You are probably in love! And the best part is that you can say it without words, by sending an emoji.

The wide range of emojis available on WhatsApp make it easy for users to express their feelings with icons of all kinds, especially in love themes, since it offers a large catalog of hearts in different shapes and colors, but it is very important to know their meaning before sending them or you could send the wrong message.

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Have you used the beating heart emoji? It is a heart-shaped figure, in pink or red depending on the platform, which has three lines a on the sides, like a sign of beating, sometimes two lines of different size are shown around the four sides of the heart.

But when can we use the emoji?

The most common application is when you feel your heart beat more than usual, for example when you are in love and especially in conjunction with other icons that indicate a similar meaning, such as the heart with an arrow.

However, the use of the beating heart emoji is not limited to a relationship, but also expresses the excitement or excitement caused by an activity or event, as it is associated with the heart rate. In this sense, it is very useful for DJs, who can complement the message with some musical notes.

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It is a heart with vibration, through the lines of movement that are added to it, giving movement and life to the beating heart, that is why other users have given a special meaning to the emoji to refer to the arrival of a baby.

Beating Heart was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and a few years later it was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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