WhatsApp: What does the blue heart emoji mean?

Have You Used The Blue Heart Emoji?

Its original meaning will surprise you

Have you used the blue heart emoji on WhatsApp? If you do not know its original meaning, you will be surprised, especially since in most cases, the messages are accompanied by images, videos, stickers, GIFs and of course the emojis.

Thanks to these emoticons, people can express any kind of feelings without having to use words, hence the importance of knowing the meaning of emojis before sending a wrong message on WhatsApp, especially in matters of love.

The blue heart emoji can be understood in different contexts, but it originally came from an initiative to raise autism awareness. On the other hand, it has a more environmental sense, thanks to the characteristic color of the water and the ocean, as well as all the flora and fauna that inhabit it.

In this sense, blue can be used to show the depth and stability of love for a person, such as the sea. The blue heart can be used in the summer time, due to the tropical sense that it can acquire in company with other complementary emojis.

Also, if a person is a fan of water sports, blue heart can be added. However, the emoji is linked to harmony and peace, and even relaxation.
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But be careful! If someone sends this heart in the early stages of conquest it may be a bad sign, which can be interpreted towards a more friendly relationship.

The blue heart means hope in sad situations when sending to family and friends, although other users often use them to talk about fatal accidents or suicides.

Blue Heart was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and some years later it was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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