WhatsApp: What does the broken heart emoji mean?

Has your heart been broken? This emoji can mean much more on WhatsApp

Thanks to the great diversity of emojis, users can express feelings and all kinds of expressions without writing a single word on WhatsApp, however, sometimes these icons can be subject to user interpretation, which is why it is important to know its meaning, especially in love affairs.

Nobody wants to send an incorrect message in the middle of an important conversation, whether for living or working, although it is a bit complicated in front of the wide catalog of emojis on WhatsApp, and the hearts section is no exception.

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The broken heart is a clear example of emojis that can be interpreted with the naked eye, since it does not require much effort or a large context to understand that it speaks of heartbreak, although in the most extreme cases it can border on hate.

The broken heart emoji is the image of a classic heart, which appears in red or pink depending on the platform, with a crack in the middle, splitting it in two.

WhatsApp: What does the broken heart emoji mean?

Usually the broken heart is sent to represent the pain that a person feels when they miss a loved one, either because she has ended a relationship or because some situation broke her heart. In these cases, the emoji can be applied to emphasize issues that cause disgust or rejection, so it transcends the sphere of couples, to apply to any other type of conversation, and not merely a couple.

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Sure, there are other meanings that don’t relate much to suffering and sadness, but rather to a form of sarcasm, but here it’s important to supplement with other appropriate emojis to avoid confusion.

Broken Heart or Broken Heart was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and some years later it was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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