WhatsApp: What does the coffin emoji mean?

Rest in peace … and other meanings for the coffin emoji on WhatsApp Get to know them!

At Halloween time it is common to see in WhatsApp conversations some emojis that are related to the holiday, such as the orange pumpkin, ghosts, spiders, bats, among others, but do you know the meaning of the coffin?

Currently, it is very common to replace words or phrases with an emoji that expresses exactly what you want to say. WhatsApp has made its catalog of emojis available to everyone, which makes their real meaning clear, be it happiness, sadness, dream, anger, disappointment, among others, but there are some more whose interpretation is subject to different cultural contexts depending on the environment of the person using them. This is the case of the coffin

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It is a traditional wooden coffin, such as the one used to bury the dead. It is represented from various angles closed, it has six sides, it is conical in the head part and in the lower part it has golden handles.

All manufacturers of web services, operating systems or devices can create Emoji designs according to their own corporate style and vision, which is why in Apple and Microsoft designs they put flowers on their covers.

WhatsApp: What does the coffin emoji mean?

The emoji is applied, in general, for various topics related to death, whether literal or figurative. It can also be used for various content related to funerals, horror and even Halloween.

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The feelings that the coffin brings are directly related to the sadness for someone’s death, but depending on the content, the meaning can vary with respect to the corpse or death.

You can send a Rest in Peace! for family or friends, but it also symbolizes a farewell to the past.

Coffin or coffin was approved as part of Unicode 4.1 in 2005 and was later added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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