WhatsApp: What does the emoji of the Sun with a smiley face mean?

A bright sun and a smiling human face, what is its meaning on WhatsApp? Discover it here

It is increasingly common to use emojis to replace phrases in conversations on WhatsApp and other platforms, but on many occasions these are sent without knowing the real meaning, as in the case of the Sun with a face, have you used it?

The Sun With Face emoji is a classic Sun icon with the peculiar characteristic of reaching a human face, as shown in the illustrations of some fairy tales or myths. Its main use is associated with the direct meaning with the ordinary Sun, which is why it is common to find it in talks about sunny and hot weather, the beginning of the summer or spring seasons, as well as a cheerful and warm mood of the users.

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It is a Sun shining in all its splendor with a smiling face, how do you know? The large golden yellow disk with the triangular rays represent the heat and light that it radiates, but it is important to mention that some platforms put a more or less human version of the emoji on the face, sometimes with or without a nose and many times with eyes. intriguing.

For example, the suns of Apple, WhatsApp and Facebook have human faces. Other platforms, such as Twitter, feature a simple smile, while Microsoft’s eyes previously appeared closed. For its part, Facebook shows an expression similar to a classic smiley emoji.

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The mythological nature of the Sun gives a special meaning to people who feel close to nature, as well as positive and happy (sunny) feelings. Sun with Face or emoji of the Sun with a face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and a few years later it was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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