WhatsApp: What does the exploding head emoji mean?

The exploding head emoji causes a lot of intrigue on WhatsApp. Know its true meaning here!

WhatsApp will add more than 200 emojis to its portfolio that include other faces to express happiness, sadness, more utensils, clothes and even people of different races and sexual preferences. However, there is a yellow face with a kind of explosion on its head that causes a lot of intrigue.

The emoji is part of the WhatsApp catalog of yellow faces that are commonly used in conversations to substitute words or phrases, that is why it can be mistaken for a kind of cap or hat instead of the explosion on your head.

Emojipedia, a website owned by Unicode, creator of the emojis, details that the emoji with the explosion on his head means “I can’t believe it” or “This will surprise you. Expressions are used to refer to something very exciting or unexpected and comes as a surprise.
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In addition, other users attribute shock or amazement due to the open mouth that his face shows.

Unicode is the company that is responsible for creating the wide variety of emojis found since the creation of WhatsApp, but which is also used on other platforms to represent aspects of daily life, whether they are articles, places, actions, feelings, among others.
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The emojis were created in a Japanese environment, their semiotics is strongly linked to this culture, you can even notice the uniqueness in the design since its inception, although it is heir to a tradition of pictographic writing that dates back millennia in time, to the Egyptian hieroglyphs or ideograms used to write Chinese and Japanese.

Over the years, several versions of Emoji have been launched, improving the graphics to meet the needs of users, offering a greater variety of options, even different organizations such as the NGO Plan International have intervened to optimize genders, races, etc. .

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