WhatsApp: What does the Mrs. Claus emoji mean?

Santa’s wife is not that popular but she has her own emoji. Know the meaning of Mrs. Claus on WhatsApp!

We are one week away from Christmas! And some parts of Mexico are painted white with low temperatures, Christmas carols begin to play on radio stations, so we know for sure that posadas, Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations have arrived. This season will surely flood your mobile device with messages with good wishes and congratulations, so prepare the emojis to bring the party to your WhatsApp.

Emojis came to reinvent the way in which users communicate through digital platforms, especially since complete words or phrases can be replaced with a single image, this is the case of Mrs. Santa Claus.

This emoticon, it must be clarified, is the wife of Santa Claus, a character recognized throughout the world. This woman is not as popular as her miraculous husband, but that does not prevent her from being loved by many children.

It is worth mentioning that the emoji can be shown as an old woman, who wears glasses and a friendly facial expression. As with Santa Claus, in most cases, the emoticon is linked to Christmas and New Years, in general also to the winter holidays. It is also necessary to mention that this emoticon can be applied to refer to miracles, kindness, celebrations and families in general.

It is important to mention that, despite having the same Unicode encoding, each platform can vary the design of each emoji to adapt to its operating system or interface. On many occasions this creates a great difference in the interpretation of the same symbol.

WhatsApp: What does the Mrs. Claus emoji mean?

“Mrs. Claus ”was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 under the name“ Mother Christmas ”and was added to Emoji 3.0 that same year.



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