WhatsApp: What does the shining star emoji mean?

Although it has nothing to do with religions, the star is usually associated with Christmas. Know its meaning!

Christmas is already in the air! And also in WhatsApp conversations, that’s why we bring the meaning of emojis for this season, including the shining star.

It is a yellow five-point star that gives the sensation of shining like gold. It is similar to the Star emoji with some stylized explosions between its five peaks, to represent the brightness or twinkle, although it should not be confused with the dizzy or shooting star, its applications may be similar

The icon is commonly used to refer to various themes of glow or even flourish. Despite not having anything related to religions, it is usually associated with Christmas, probably because of the story of the star of Bethlehem that led the wise men from the east to the Child Jesus.

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Some applications, such as Snapchat, have included it to highlight the contacts who have played their photos or videos in the last 24 hours.

WhatsApp: What does the shining star emoji mean?

It is important to mention that manufacturers of web services, operating systems or devices can create Emoji designs according to their own corporate style and vision, so on many platforms it can vary. For example, Microsoft’s explosions are blue lines, but they were yellow before, whereas Apple’s previously looked like the star icon. The old Samsung version showed a blast radiating from its center.

Other applications for the shining star emoji is to highlight something great, of good quality or excellent condition, for example in couture clothing, flowers or even to recognize a person’s work.

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