WhatsApp: What does the socks emoji mean?

Do you know where Christmas socks come from? Know the history and meaning of the emoji in WhatsApp

Christmas has arrived! And surely the posadas, congratulations and customs of the time have begun, such as the secret friend and the socks at the fireplace, but where does this tradition come from? Discover the history and meaning of the emoji on WhatsApp.

The socks emoji shows a pair that overlaps from the top and is positioned in a perspective that allows the view of both. The sock is a garment that is generally not seen, since its main purpose is to protect the feet inside closed shoes, either from sweat and generation of blisters. Although its interpretation can be used with the linear meaning of clothing, it can also be applied for some thematic cases such as Christmas.

The socks are part of the Christmas collection of emojis, since they are linked to a custom of the time, where gifts are kept on the day of the celebration.

It is a popular tradition in the Anglo-Saxon world that has reached Latin countries. It is used to create the illusion in children that Santa Claus will leave them a gift.

WhatsApp: What does the socks emoji mean?

Its origin can be found in an ancient legend from the Middle Ages, which tells the story of a man who became so depressed by the death of his wife that he gave away all his money, being plunged into poverty. He and his three daughters barely survived, until one day they fell in love, but since they had no money, they could not offer a dowry to marry.

Santa Claus heard the situation and found that the feelings of the young women were really deep, so at Christmas he visited their fireplace and threw three gold coins. The girls had washed some socks and hung them in front of the fire so they could dry, so it was fortunate that the coins fell into their three socks.

The next morning they found the gift, a gold coin for each, more than enough to pay for their dowry. People are said to have started hanging up their Christmas stockings and leaving a gift inside, inspired by this heartwarming story.


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