WhatsApp: What does the turkey emoji mean?

Christmas dinner? Know the meaning of the turkey emoji on WhatsApp

Preparations for Christmas begin many days before, and it is that in much of Mexico turkey will be consumed as part of the traditional dinner. Know the meaning of the emoji on WhatsApp!

At this time of year your mobile device will surely be flooded with messages with good wishes and congratulations for Christmas and New Year, so prepare the seasonal emojis, because you will need to exploit them to the maximum to respond creatively on WhatsApp.

The turkey emoji is the classic domestic bird that is traditionally consumed on Thanksgiving or Christmas, prepared in different types of dishes. The animal is much larger than the duck emoji, as well as in real life, it is shown standing on its legs in full profile facing to the left. It generally comes in a dark brown color, with a tuft of white fringes on its tail and wings, its head is pink or blue, with the classic meatiness that hangs below the beak.

WhatsApp: What does the turkey emoji mean?

It is worth mentioning that all manufacturers of web services, operating systems or devices can create Emoji designs according to their own corporate style and vision, so that on many platforms they may vary, for example in the previous versions of Google a head completely red, with more vivid colors on the tail, while on Twitter it appears with black plumage and brown head.

You can also send the emoji to express other kinds of indirect meanings, although this is based on the user’s conversation.

Turkey was approved as part of Unicode 8.0 four years ago, in 2015, and was also added to Emoji 1.0.


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