WhatsApp: What does the yellow heart emoji mean?

Some users think that when a person uses the yellow heart it is because they are sick but it is not like that.

If you are one of the users who uses hearts a lot on WhatsApp and you have no idea what you are sending, here we will tell you the meaning of the yellow heart on WhatsApp that you might not know.

Several individuals from the most used social network in the world have come to conclude that the yellow heart means a sick heart or they may have the thought of a bright heart and only send it because they like the color yellow.

The reality of the yellow heart in WhatsApp is that it has the meaning of pure love, this means that to the person you send it you are giving all your trust, all your heart love and your understanding.

The yellow heart can be used by brother, best friends and also his partner when he wants to show his love without conditions, it can also be used to tell your parents all the love you feel for them.
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For the people who send this heart there is no place for lies, deception and resentments, this heart says that the best is honesty and sincerity in every sense of the word.

We know that there are dozens of emojis on social networks but this heart gives you more than peace and tranquility, if you receive it, thank it and now there will be no doubt what that person is trying to tell you.

Despite the fact that the red heart is more popular for being the heart that represents love, passion and everything we can imagine of the greatest feeling that moves the world.

Because of its meaning, the black heart cannot be used as your favorite color and if you are really looking for love, this heart is better to avoid, since you can send the wrong message.

The red heart is pure love, the yellow heart has the meaning of unconditional love, the green heart represents fertility and growth, as well as the blue one a love that its flame goes out, now use the one that suits you best.

The purple heart has the meaning that you want a forbidden relationship, so think twice before sending it because you will only give strength to a forbidden love.

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