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WHO Warns of ‘New Normal’: “The World has Entered a New and Dangerous Phase”

What happened?

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned of the risk of opening up to the so-called ‘new normal’ in countries around the world that have been overcoming the critical phase of the coronavirus.

In the opinion of WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the world has entered a “dangerous phase” as countries re-established confinement measures or restrictions to curb the spread of the new coronavirus.

What Did WHO Say?

“The world has entered a new and dangerous phase. Many people are obviously tired of staying home. Countries are eager to reopen their society and economy,” said Ghebreyesus at a virtual press conference.

Virus Advancement

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Italian health authorities on Friday called for “prudence” after finding “warning signs of transmission” of the virus, particularly in Rome.

The coronavirus progresses inexorably and the number of deceased multiplied by two in a month and a half. Since it was detected in China in December, it has infected more than 8.5 million people.

In the last 24 hours, Brazil, with more than 1,200 deaths, and Mexico, with 770, are the countries in the world that registered the most deaths, according to an AFP count.

Mexico also recorded 5,662 new cases of contagion, a record daily number in that country. The government began the gradual reopening of economic activities on June 1.

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Hugo López Gatell, Mexican undersecretary of Health and in charge of the strategy against covid-19, recognized however that “the epidemic is not yet over” and that initial estimates of deaths have been exceeded.

The virus does not give truce to Brazil either, a country of 210 million inhabitants that registers 47,748 deaths and 978,142 positives, and is the second most hit after the United States.

Chile, which is close to 4,000 dead, tightened sanctions for those who do not respect quarantine, with penalties of up to five years in prison.

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