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Will Bitcoin be another point of conflict between the United States and China?

The leaders of the ecosystem pressure the US government to adopt a pro-cryptocurrency stance.

The new crackdown by the Chinese Government on the crypto market has not only pushed the price of bitcoin (BTC) and other altcoins down, but has put the importance of the role played by the major powers back to the center of the scene.
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Within the ecosystem. With a posture clearly outlined by the eastern giant, all eyes will now be on where the United States occupies.

Technological growth worldwide, and the traditional confrontation between the two powers, has prompted several leaders of the crypto ecosystem to press for a favorable stance on the part of Joe Biden’s administration towards cryptocurrencies.
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In addition, many allege the idea of ​​”freedom” that characterized the United States throughout its history to promote regulation that benefits the market.

Anthony Pompliano, one of the most popular crypto commentators in the world, spoke in recent days regarding the new blow from the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) to the market. “Bitcoin is a technology of freedom. China hates it and has banned it. It’s not a surprise,” “Pomp”slipped.

“The United States now has a choice. Do we value freedom? If so, we must adopt Bitcoin immediately.”

BTC and cryptocurrencies are already a reality in the global financial system, but the role that countries occupy in that economy will be decisive in shaping the global scenario of the future. For the specialist, digital assets and their technology will mark the new spaces of financial “domain”.

“The dominant nation of the future is the first to successfully adopt artificial intelligence, bitcoin and decentralized technologies, ” Pompliano wrote on his Twitter account.

Finally, the CEO of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, also took the opportunity to give his opinion regarding the Asian repression. Speaking of the success of many digital firms that were banned by the eastern government, Saylor suggested that BTC would benefit from this decision: “Nothing has created more wealth in the last decade than technologies banned in China.”

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