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Will ‘Cruella’, ‘Pinocchio’, ‘Peter Pan’ premiere directly on Disney+ ?

La Casa del Ratón has already confirmed its intention to prioritize content for streaming in the future.

The coronavirus crisis has required that throughout 2020 the large Hollywood studios have to adapt as best they can to the pandemic, with various strategies that can compensate for the paralyzed filming and the closed movie theaters. The majors have therefore chosen either to postpone their premieres or to embrace strategies midway. Warner, for example, took the risk of releasing Tenet conventionally last summer without very promising results, and now plans to launch Wonder Woman 1984 simultaneously in theaters and on the HBO Max platform (it would arrive in theaters in Spain on December 18).

Disney, on the contrary, has preferred to turn its back on theaters and carried out an unprecedented experiment such as what it did with Mulan. The live-action remake was released in theaters in China (where, between boycotts and boycotts, it ended up with the most disappointing figures) while in the rest of the world it was offered at an extra cost on Disney +. The streaming platform has not disclosed its figures, but in a recent meeting with its shareholders Bob Chapek, CEO of the company, assured that these had been excellent. To the point of not ruling out that, in the future, other titles would suffer the same fate.

This is not the case of Soul, which this December 25 would reach the catalog at no extra cost (according to Chapek, as a “Christmas gesture”) but it could be that of future remakes or live action reimagines. According to Deadline, the House of the Mouse is considering that films like Cruella, Pinocchio or Peter Pan and Wendy will swell the Disney + catalog, with or without extra cost. Cruella acts as a prequel to 101 Dalmatians with Emma Stone in the title role, while Pinocchio and Peter Pan and Wendy act as more or less free remakes directed by Robert Zemeckis and David Lowery. The one with Pinocchio, apparently, would have Tom Hanks in the role of Gepetto.

The company has not made this dynamic official, although it adjusts point by point to previous communications confirming its decision to give priority to streaming content in the future. The doubt remains, of course, if these premieres destined to skip the usual exhibition windows could be any future Disney title, regardless of the franchise, or if, on the contrary, they would be only the remakes more focused on family consumption. Nothing has been said yet about Black Widow and the rest of the postponed Marvel films, so this last theory would gain strength.


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