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Winter-2021 series with the highest sales in its first volume

In a popular Japanese comment forum the “Anime Compilation Package Sales Ranking – Winter Season 2021” was published, where the sales of the Blu-ray or DVD packages of the series released in the Winter-2021 season were compiled.
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(January-March), specifically in its first week. The second season of Uma Musume: Pretty Derby has not entered this list, as it has not yet released its first compilation, as well as other series in the same situation.

  • Soukou Musume Senki (LBX Girls) – 111 copies sold.
  • Kai Byoui Ramune (Dr. Ramune -Mysterious Disease Specialist-) – 111 copies sold.
  • Wave!!: Surfing Yappe!! – 153 copies sold.
  • Tenchi Souzou Design-bu (Heaven’s Design Team) – 164 copies sold.
  • Gekidol – 191 copies sold.
  • Kemono Jihen – 244 copies sold.
  • Hortensia Saga – 245 copies sold.
  • Tatoeba Last Dungeon Mae no Mura no Shounen ga Joban no Machi by Kurasu Youna Monogatari (Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies moved to a starter town?) – 288 copies sold.
  • Yakusoku no Neverland 2nd Season (The Promised Neverland) – 324 copies sold.
  • I ☆ Chu: Halfway Through the Idol – 371 copies sold.
  • Hataraku Saibou Black (Cells at Work! CODE BLACK!) – 578 copies sold.
  • Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun (Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki) – 773 copies sold.
  • Wonder Egg Priority – 962 copies sold.
  • Show by Rock !! Stars !! – 1,104 copies sold.
  • Bungou Stray Dogs Wan! – 1289 copies sold.
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