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Women dominate the crypto market in Mexico

According to the 2021 Mastercard New Payments Index, 53.7% of crypto users are women.

Crypto trading has been revolutionary in several ways; in the financial inclusion of unbanked sectors and in the high volume of direct participation of the female public. In Mexico, according to the 2021 Mastercard New Payments Index, the majority of crypto investors are women (53.7%).

“The profiles of women have changed over time. Currently, we see more businesswomen, more entrepreneurs and more women who are entering sectors that were dominated by men,” said Lorena Ortiz, director and founding partner of Bitcoin Embassy Bar (a bar that accepts bitcoin as a means of payment), in dialogue with Expansión Mujeres.

Ortiz also underlined the importance of the rising tide of information on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, collaborating from their place to have a more specialized community on the matter.

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The increase of women in digital asset trading is due to various factors; not only the search for alternative paths to the financial system in times of inflation, but also to basic properties of the crypto market such as the low threshold of initial investments or the ease of operation .

“That they have low barriers to investing in these securities is a determining factor, because it does not require highly technical knowledge or years of preparation, nor does it require large amounts to invest. Access is everything, especially when they seek refuge from traditional banking discrimination against inflation,” explained Marcela Muñoz Moheno, capital analyst and founder of Financial Equity, in the same medium.

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On the other hand, Muñoz Moheno explained that most of the women who have entered the crypto market in recent years are from the younger generation. The main reason, as she pointed out, is the always latent possibility of taking advantage of good returns on assets in a short time.

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