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Women fight over PS5 in US store

The unfortunate event took place in the United States

The new generation consoles became one of the most sought after products for this end of the year. Unfortunately, this has caused some people to misbehave in order to get the console. There was recently a case in the United States where a couple of women went as far as the blows in order to keep the last PlayStation 5 that the store had.

In a supermarket in the city of Charlotte in North Carolina, United States, a couple of women started arguing over a PlayStation 5. As you can imagine, they both hoped to take the next-generation Sony console home, but only one could do it due to limited availability.

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Sadly, this pair couldn’t find a calm and peaceful way to figure out who deserved to take the PlayStation 5 home. First there were screams, but the thing climbed until one of the women approached the other to hit her. This led to a fight with pulling, punching and kicking.

The fight ended when other customers who were in the store managed to separate them. Sadly by then one of the women had been knocked unconscious, although a few moments later she managed to get up.

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